Post Breakup

If you would’ve asked me half a year ago if I thought I would be able to survive without my ex-boyfriend I would have totally said “no!” Break ups are not easy and that is a complete understatement. I was in that relationship for more than 7 years and it felt like for many of that time it was an on and off relationship. Our first years together were not easy at all… wait I don’t think any of our time together was easy. I don’t mean to say that all other relationships are perfect and “easy” but ours was not the best from the very start. This isn’t to say that we didn’t have any kind of good because there are so many great memories I will hold on to for the rest of my life. After 7+ years of being together when I started to realize that we just weren’t meant to be together it was extremely difficult for me to actually want to do anything about it. I could either deal with a very tough break up and start fresh or just settle and for a very long time settling seemed like the better option. I was extremely scared of letting go. Every single time I thought about not being with him I’d do the – Who will I spend my time with? What am I going to do without him? Who will help me when I need help? Who will text me every morning? … and the silly questions went on and on and on. I’d think about how much I’d miss his family and his lovely dog. I really truly couldn’t imagine my life without him but we just weren’t happy anymore and it seemed like we were both having a hard time letting go. I couldn’t possibility tell you what helped me build up the courage to let go. It’s been one of the toughest things I have gone through thus far.

I write this not to dwell on the negative of it all and to talk about how difficult it has been but to maybe let someone else who is dealing with the same situation know that they can do it! It won’t be the end of the world. We deserve to feel happiness in our daily lives and regardless of how wonderful a person can be sometimes we aren’t meant to be with them. I strongly believe that we are destined to find our other half – someone who will make us a better person and bring out the best in us. If the person you are sharing your time with isn’t doing this then maybe you aren’t meant to be. I am no philosopher but I’d say I truly have first-hand experience with this and I don’t want to keep this all to myself.

It’s been a couple of months now and I am alive. I have learned so much about myself and I am a better person. The silly little things that were keeping me from making a change in my life are the least of my worries now and thankfully I am in a better place. Some days it doesn’t seem real to me yet but I am extremely thankful for my strength and my sanity.

Be brave! You will survive without him.


Day 9 & 10 – California, Arizona & New Mexico (December 30th & 31st)

Took off from San Diego early afternoon on the 30th after a great night out with cousins! Headed straight to Phoenix, Arizona to spend the night there before our visit to the Grand Canyon the next day. We drove next to the Mexican border the entire time and got to see a lot of desert camping & people on their four wheelers on the sand dunes. The Grand Canyon was unfortunately a fail due to the amount of snow that they were getting there on New Year’s Eve but it was a nice trip regardless. So much beauty in this country! Our plan was to spend NYE in Amarillo, Texas after our visit to the park but because of the blizzard that New Mexico was experiencing we ended up calling it a night in Grants, New Mexico! I had no idea that Arizona and New Mexico got this much snow. We’re now on our way home on old Route 66, pushing through soooo much snow in New Mexico. Hopefully once we hit Texas it’ll be better! Texas, Oklahoma & Missouri are next before we’re finally back in Illinois. So grateful for these past 10 days, it’s been such a wonderful experience with my loved ones.

Day 6,7,8 – San Diego, CA (December 27, 28, 29)

I was just in San Diego a month ago and being here again with my immediate family has been even better! Having family in the area is the best & it’s been so nice to spend time with them. Did more than expected while visiting! My favorite part was visiting the Coronado island dog beach, our pup loved it! We also got to eat some delicious tacos de birria by Tijuana. I’ll crave them for sure when I’m back in Chicago!

Day 4 & 5 – California: Griffith Park, Los Angeles, Venice Beach (December 25 & 26)

We reached our final destination- beautiful California! I feel like we’ve been non stop all day every day since the start of the trip, just the way I love to travel. On our way into Los Angeles yesterday we surprised a family member & made his Christmas. It was an extremely emotional visit, one I’ll never forget. We spend the rest of our first night in Los Angeles picking up Mexican snacks from La Michoacana (which was right around the corner as we are staying in East LA) and relaxing. We hiked to the Hollywood sign this morning & enjoyed the rest of the day visiting Hollywood & Venice beach. We ended our night at a cute little Japanese restaurant called Yuko Kitchen. Tomorrow we head to San Diego ♥️

Day 3 – Rocky Mountains, Utah, Nevada & Las Vegas (December 24th)

Our drive out of Denver on the 24th started at 5 am and it was one I’ll never forget. We got up to being at an elevation of 12,000 ft. in the Rocky Mountains passing through Vail and other beautiful famous ski cities! We traveled through so much snow and got to see some extremely beautiful scenery. We also got to see some beautiful sights in Utah & Nevada. Enjoy the pictures! Wish I could share all the videos I have too. There’s just soo much!